Saturday, February 28, 2009

Someone hit replay quick!

The movie that started the entire frenzy of the High School Musical business is back better than ever in bluray. What struck me is even though this movie only came out a few years ago the actors seems sooo much younger! I guess it's because I had just watched High School Musical 3 last weekend so seeing them in the first movie brought back the fact of just how much the actors have matured both physically and talent wise since the first movie. Who would know after that first movie that you can now buy pretty much anything branded High School Musical these days.

For those of you that are not familiar with the High School Musical movies the first movie, this movie, was actually a made for TV movie that aired on the Disney Channel back in 2006. The production quality was quite good for a TV movie but up till now you could not view the movie in true widescreen. High School Musical Remix finally brings High School Musical into all the glory it deserves including a whole new widescreen format, some serious work to the picture quality, and an all new revamped sound quality that gives the movie a whole new life!

High School Musical Remix, focuses mostly on Troy and Gabriella, personally my two favorite characters. Troy is the classic football jock, Gabriella is the rather beautiful high academic achiever, ok a book nerd. Classically that's not the kind of couple you would see hooking up in a regular high school. Troy and Gabriella meet over Christmas break on vacation and end up doing karaoke together, needless to say they just mesh and the rest is High School Musical history. Troy and Gabriella both end up auditioning for the school play bumping Sharpay and Ryan out of the spotlight. Now you know why Sharpay is so irked with Troy and Gabriella in the later movies!

The only thing missing is all the great extras that I've gotten used to in most Disney bluray discs. I guess the big extra is the upgrade to the sound and video but otherwise there is really nothing to speak of other than some extra music. It does come with the extras that came on the standard format dvd including some cast interviews, music videos, and a dance along.

High School Musical Remix is available right now on bluray and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!


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