Sunday, March 1, 2009

Maybe I need my own night in Rodanthe!

What is it about Diane Lane that makes for such a great girlie flick? Though she never seems to make my top actor/actress favorites list, though she rightfully deserves to be there, the movies she seems to be in always end up being the ones that leave me snuggled up in my bed laughing, smiling, and leave me wanting some serious snuggle time with the man in my life. Guys never ever roll your eyes at your woman watching "girlie" movies as nine times out of ten you're in for a good night afterward. heh.. Sorry I couldn't resist, don't even try to deny it ladies.

Nights in Rodanthe
is a fabulous girls night movie. The combination of Richard Gere and Diane Lane is potent not to mention that it was written by the same author as The Notebook, seriously you can't go wrong. Adrienne is reeling from her failed marriage that ended badly over an affair her husband was having and though he wants a second chance Adrienne is not so sure that's the best idea. So when she gets a chance to spend some quality time at a bed and breakfast in the Outer Banks she takes her chance to spend some time and really think about her options.

Paul is a successful surgeon but with success he found he sacrificed family. The two both end up in this small inn in a remote region of the Outer Banks. Trapped by a incoming storm the two are sort of thrown together and nothing speeds up romance than a impending danger. If you LOVE a love story its not one to be missed. Pretty much anything with Richard Gere and Diane Lane together you just can't go wrong, they mesh so well together seeing them fall in love is so believable it's hard not to believe its true.

Nights in Rodanthe
is available right now and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!


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