Friday, February 27, 2009

OMG they are finally graduating!

The kids from High School Musical have finally reached their senior year, in what for some reason seems like the longest high school stay I can remember. Actually, at the beginning of this High School Musical Madness I said a few words I have now learned to eat on a regular basis, and that is "You'd never catch me watching High School Musical or Hanna Montana, over my dead body!!". Well, heh, I guess I'm glad it didn't become a life or death situation for me but the extreme popularity of High School Musical did ultimately win the better of me out of pure curiosity and though you'd still never catch me admitting it on the street, I did actually really look forward to this release.

High School Musical 3 Senior Year Deluxe Extended Edition enters on the Senior year of some of your favorite High School Musical characters. Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay and the rest are finally graduating and what better way to end the year than to host a spring musical, at least that's the way you do it if your a Wildcat! Heh, actually when I was in school being in a play was not the "cool" thing to do. Coming from a drama club kid, being even remotely related to the drama club does not mark you for the hot list but possibly after all this Wildcat fever have the tables turned? Now forget all that nonsense about me sharing the fact that I as in the drama club and back to the review. The show the gang puts on is really unlike anything I've ever seen in a high school play but something more out of a "Disney on ice" sort of mega production. It's impressive to say the least.

It was a little sad to see my favorite character Gabriella move on, as I know she is saying goodbye to the series. I'm also not going to tell you what finally happens between Troy and Gabriella as that will completely spoil the entire thing, but it doesn't happen the way you'd expect. There are some new characters taking the High School Musical movies into the future though, and you not only get to meet them but there is an entire special feature dedicated to their introduction.

We saw High School Musical 3 Senior Year Deluxe Extended Edition on bluray and like many films I swear by the fact that bluray is the only way to see them. The sound quality is superb and the quality of the video especially during the spring production is breathtaking. Not to mention the fact that if you don't see it in bluray you miss out on all the great extra features that bluray offers including the mini games. The bluray version also includes a really cool feature called Senior Awards which is basically the High School Musical whos-who awards, it's a fun little feature and it adds to the storyline.

On a bit of an unusual note, if you purchase the bluray version of High School Musical 3 Senior Year Deluxe Extended Edition you actually get three copies of the film. The extended bluray version which offers a longer version of the film, a digital copy to take with you on your computer or laptop, and the actual standard dvd version. This has to be the coolest part about the entire set as one small pet peeve of mine about bluray which always leaves me wondering which version to buy is we LOVE our bluray movies but when we go on car trips or want to watch movies in the bedrooms we still cannot afford to buy a bluray player for each room. Disney is finally catching onto this and includes all three versions so I can watch the bluray at home and the dvd on the road. I almost peed my pants when I opened the set and realized this, sorry for the graphic picture, but seriously that has to be the best little dvd surprise ever. Hopefully this catches on and you see it more often in newer releases. This also means for all you people out there that want bluray players but are still saving. You might as well buy this in bluray now and watch the standard version instead of having to buy two copies later!

High School Musical 3 Senior Year Deluxe Extended Edition is avaialble right now and you can pick up your copy on Amazon!

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We love HSM. My daughter thinks Troy is the cutest.

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