Monday, February 2, 2009

Petz Horse Club

I recently did a review of the Ubisoft Petz Dog Pack and Cat Pack but not everyone is a dog or cat person and I'm not sure about you guys but I think every little girl dreams of owning her own horse at some point in her life. I've been lucky enough in my life to have called over a dozen horses mine over the years but its been about five years since I've had a horse to call my own but that does not mean I do not think about them every single day. I never outgrew my love of horses and if you ask my parents they would be happy to tell you that for the first 20+ years of my life that they were the main focus of my life. So needless to say I'll take my horse fix anywhere I can get it so I was pretty excited to see Petz Horse Club show up here for review.

Petz Horse Club focuses on a pretty diffrent storyline of previous horse games I've played. Where most horse games seem to focus heavily on horse care and competition this particular horse game focuses on the player finding and taming wild mustangs. Though you can compete with your horses its not the main focus and you will find that most of your time in the game is spent riding your horse around the wilderness looking for new wild horses to tame. This is kind of fun like a little virtual horse collection, heh. The thing I was most curious about the game before it arrived is how the wii controls would be used and I was pleasently surpised to find out that the controls for the horse simulate real riding as much as I've ever seen a game do so. You hold your reins (aka the controllers) pretty much the same way you would if you were riding a horse english (with two hands not one like you do with western.. for those of you who have not ridden a horse before) and though I don't think you could every really simulate riding a horse in a game it does give you a small glimse into what its like.

Really my only complaint with horse games, this one included, is that unlike the dog and cat games there is never an option to breed your horses. I've always wanted to have a game where you actually bred horses and then competed with the offspring, having the skills based on the parents combination, and I was hoping a little that this would be an option seeing as you pretty much have a large pool of horses to choose from but still nothing. With horse games becoming more and more popular hopefully we will see one in the future though!

Petz Horse Club would make a perfect gift for a horse lover in your life. It's simple enough that young children could easily learn to play and mom will enjoy it as well. You can can pick up your own copy of Petz Horse Club for Wii on Amazon!


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