Monday, February 2, 2009

Connor is on my wall!

Nothing and I do mean nothing is better than looking up while I'm working on reviews and see my absolutely adorable little man above my computer desk. Though I absolutely love pictures of Connor for the most part I am not normally one of those people who enjoys picture frames on the wall, its just that we do not have a ton of wall space so hanging a bunch of frames looks too cluttered in a small space. What I do love is unframed artwork on pulled canvas as it really gives my space a more clean modern look. Up till now however I never knew that this was even an option with photos.

Canvas On Demand
is a fabulous service that allows you to basically design your own art. Upload your favorite pictures and you can make any picture a gorgeous piece of art that will really turn heads when people walk into your house. Ordinary photos can be converted into paintings, beautiful black and white or tinted photos on canvas, really hip looking pop art, or you can really get creative and play with the options to make something really unique just for you!

What was really surprising is just how fast you get your new creation. Once I put my order in my piece arrived in about 8 days. How on earth that's possible still baffles me and the result is really beautiful. I ended up using the picture I took of Connor for a review I did awhile back. That picture is very special to me as it's a really great representation of just who Connor is and though you can't tell in the picture it makes me laugh as I know that he is standing there with his super hero cape on and just a diaper. Hence the nickname Super Captain Diapy Pants that he earned just from that photo session.

Canvas On Demand is a great option for a gift or just for something special for your own wall! Visit the Canvas On Demand website to see all the options!

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Homemom3 said...

I love canvas on demand, they did a picture of my Papa and it is in my living room. :)

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