Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who needs old tshirts at bedtime?

Ok, I almost hate to say this but I have some pretty ugly pjs. I mean when it comes to bedtime comfort rules and in the past that meant wearing an old tshirt that is five sizes too big with holes in it. Shh.. don't tell but I have a few just like that in my closet and I have a few that my family has "lovingly" named moomoos as they are way too big and shapeless and they look like something that sadly you'd find in my grandmother's closet.

I'm not sure what's happened but at the end of the day I'm so tired the last thing I want to wear is something clingy and honestly Connor doesn't care what I wear so It's just become a habit and I'm no way ready to give up my tshirts especially on hot nights and yes I wear them while I do housework too. So whats a girl to do? The real question is : Is there something out there that is as comfortable as my old tshirts but doesn't look like I raided the closet of someone twice my size? Recently I learned there is not just a comfortable solution but one that will appease those of you that love organics too.

My Earth Too is a clothing company that makes organic cotton clothing and most importantly very adorable organic cotton pajamas that have become my new favorite lounge wear. I have a pink tee shirt pjs from My Earth Too that I simply love. Its slightly tailored so it doesn't just look like a huge shirt but its in no way clingy so it pasts my comfort test. So I guess you could say I am just as comfortable in it as I am in my normal huge tees but without looking like a blob in a huge tee which makes everyone around here pretty happy.

The best part about My Earth Too's clothing and accessory line is the fact that they are very affordable. With prices around $20-25 it's one of the most affordable organic lines I have seen. Not to mention you can find My Earth Too's items at Kohls, Peebles, JcPennys and more... all of which I shop at when I'm looking for a deal.

To learn more about My Earth Too visit their website and check out the listings of where you can find their products. If your looking for a special gift for Valentine's Day the pajamas are a great option as they are not only comfortable and adorable but I always choose organic when I have the option.


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