Friday, February 27, 2009

No more peeking out the bottom.

When I was pregnant with Connor all I could do was notice other pregnant woman. The one absolutely annoying thing that I saw OVER and OVER and OVER were women attempting to wear their "pre preggo" clothing when they were very very obviously pregnant. The reason this totally irks me to no end as as beautiful as wonderful as I think pregnant bellies are there is something just terribly unattractive about wearing a shirt or pants that leaves your belly hanging out of the bottom. This even goes for non pregnant women unless your one of those girls who has the amazing flat stomach or perfectly round no fat hanging off the bottom pregnant belly. This rule totally does not apply to you though yes if any of you got the stink eye while I was pregnant, I will claim now and forever that it was the hormones not the terrible utter jealousy I felt. I honestly Think I'm more jealous of the cute little pregnant belly's than I am the flat stomachs.

My maternity clothing during my time as a raving land whale was terrible, and I do mean terrible. I did have one really cute pair of maternity jeans and I think one fairly cute top which I pretty much wore around the clock. I have to admit in the beginning to save money I wore my pre pregnancy jeans and just used a rubber band to keep them closed. The only issue is if my shirt rode up at all people were staring at the top of my underwear not to mention my dreaded peeking belly. Don't get me wrong I totally loved being pregnant and I actually think I make for a drop dead adorable pregnant woman but showing people my stretch marks on a daily basis is not part of my plan.

What I didn't know then and know now is there is absolutely no need to worry about your stomach making unnecessary appearances and no obsessing over your clothing choices. You can even wear your pre pregnancy shirts and hide that little elastic band trick I mentioned and no one will ever know the difference. The only thing missing is the one product that every single pregnant woman should have. A great maternity belly band. Nine Moons makes a fabulous and adorable belly band called the Swelly Belly which is basically a fabric band that goes across your midsection. You can expand it up and down, slide it high or slide it low, whatever works for you and it covers as much of your midsection as you would like.

This means you can no longer feel weird about your belly hanging out, the Swelly Belly will cover up anything you don't want showing. If your nursing it also doubles as a great nursing cover, covering your entire midsection so you don't have to show anything more than you need to. As a currently no pregnant girl I really just enjoy wearing it as a fashion accessory. I have the pink polka dot band and I absolutely love wearing it with a white tank top and plain brown skirt, it's sort of the unexpected little punch that turns a pretty ordinary boring outfit into something really neat.

My only wish is that I had the new skull pattern print that just came out! It's so cool, and so me! Check out my pink polka dot print, the new skull print, and all the other color options you can choose from over at Nine Moons.


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