Monday, February 16, 2009

Connor's room doesnt stink anymore!

I remember the days when I tried to find things to cover the smell of diaper funk in my nursery. Actually when Connor was breastfeeding there was very little odor but somewhere around the time he started eating solids I was actually embarrassed to let people come into my house as there were times that the whole house reeked of dirty diapers. Sure I know what you’re thinking why did you just not take the diapers outside to the trash? Well I did empty his pail once a day but with a baby on the move, school, dogs, work, sometimes its just not feasible to go running to the trash every moment you get a dirty diaper. Besides who wants to run to the trash can 10 times a day especially if its cold or raining or you just were there 10 minutes ago. I’m also not as lucky as some of you that keep their trash can in the garage, though god knows I would not want to as my trash can usually reeks thanks to the dogs and baby.

Well I finally had enough and as much as I said up and down in the beginning that I would not be one of those moms that worshiped their diaper disposal, I’ve been converted. Actually the whole reason I was against diaper disposals from the beginning was the fact that you had to buy specific refills and they were very un ecofriendly as your always buying these refills and previously I was using my old shopping bags which still are not quite as ecofriendly as disposables but I really try to reuse anything I can. Not to mention who wants to pay for refills when you can use something that’s virtually free. So I knew when I was searching for a diaper pail that it had to be something that would be compatible with using my own bags be it either trash bags or shopping bags. So when I found the Clean Air Diaper Disposal from learning curve I was pretty excited.

The Clean Air Diaper Disposal uses standard trash bags and I have successfully used larger shopping bags with it as well. To load a bag you open the top of the unit, run the bag through these two pincher like clamps, and put on the little blue circle that holds the bags in place and your ready to go. The Clean Air Diaper Disposal has an carbon filter run by batteries that helps filter the smell as well as those little pincher grips that you run the bag through holds the bag close and thus keeps the stink in. The great thing is that the diaper pail holds a full sized kitchen garbage bag which means you can hold a lot of diapers in the unit at one time and for us we empty it twice a week though depending on the size of diapers you may be able to go a whole week which is a huge plus. I will say though with a toddler even with the carbon filter when the unit gets to be a bit full there is some stink leakage which is actually pretty understandable as well when the unit is full your talking about 20+ diapers. I can’t complain though as really the only time you notice the smell is if your sitting down right next to the diaper pail or briefly when you open and close the unit.

My only complaint is there is a little pyramid shaped thing on the inside of the door that when you close the Clean Air Diaper Disposal it pushes the diaper down into the trash bag. The little pyramid comes off pretty easy so you can wash it if you need to but the disadvantage to this is it falls off quite often and Connor has been known to open up the door and take it off and hide it from me which is really frustrating. Without the pyramid you have to hold your hand on the diaper as you close the door to make sure the diaper goes down. I do appreciate the fact that you can wash it though. We have been using the pail for several months now and overall I can say I am very happy and there is no way I’d go back to the grocery bag in a small trash bin I was using before.

You can pick up your own Clean Air Diaper Disposal on the Learning Curve website or on Amazon.


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