Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Resolution - project clean!

I've let my organizational skills go since Connor got in the picture. Really they have been in the toilet since we moved to Alabama. I kept the old house pretty tidy and did a ton of work fixing up the place but since we have been in Alabama my cleaning and fixing skills have been sort of on Haidas. Past just keeping things from being dirty it's not gotten much better around here since the day we moved in and my incoming and outgoing blog mail certainly does not help. I don't know why I'm in a funk but its about time I start making steps in the right direction but one foot in front of the other.

So where is a great place to start small? The kitchen cabinets and one thing that has always bothered me is my spice collection. I've tried those little shelves, a lazy susan, I even had one of those things you put all the spices in and it spins on your counter. Needless to say though the counter organizer was cool it took up way to much space in an already small kitchen and forget shelves and lazy susans you end up knocking over all the spices trying to get the ones in the back.

The Spice Stack is sort of a filing system for your spices. It easily fits into my small custom made cabinets and I just took the spices I had in the containers they were already in, and started putting them in each of the "drawers". The result is amazing as not only does it make your spice collection finally look nice and tidy but finding and using my spices has never been easier. Sadly we only have one so I could not fit all of my spices into it (I actually recommend you buy two or three if you cook often or if your a basics kind of girl you can prol get away with one.) but I certainly got the ones I use most in there and no longer am I digging behind thirty bottles just to find the tiny bottom of red pepper buried at the back of the shelf. Now I just need one or two more and I may actually discover what it would be like not to knock over a bunch of spice bottles every time I go to get the vitamins out of the cabinet!

Another small note one thing I noticed when I was organizing all my spices into my Spice Stack is that I had two or three of the same bottles. When your spices, much like your can goods or groceries, are all crammed into a small space and you can not see each bottle you tend to forget what you have and over buy. Organizing really helps you not only eliminate clutter but saves money on not buying something that you already have!

You can get your own Spice Stack on the Spice Stack website!


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