Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stop & Shop is brilliant!!

For those of you lucky enough to live near a Stop & Shop you can now shop their stores and easily recognize healthy food choices without even looking at labels. Stop & Shop has placed Healthy Ideas labels on over 3000+ items in their stores. To explain what is considered an Healthy Ideas item lets take it directly from Stop & Shop's mouth : "Healthy Ideas was created to make it easy for you to shop for healthy foods without reading all the labels. We took into account the things that matter to all of us - calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium - and developed criteria that evaluated foods based on the FDA and USDA guidelines. We also made sure that every Healthy Ideas food has at least 10% of the daily recommended amount of one nutrient, such as Calcium or Vitamin C."

Stop & Shop used to be a daily event in my life when I lived in the northeast. I had a Stop & Shop within a few blocks of my house when I lived in Boston and routinely but some of their new shopping make me wish I still had one near enough to visit. Stop & Shop's Healthy Ideas items do not end in the store, you can not only easily identify items that are good for you on the shelves but you can visit the Healthy Idea's section on Stop & Shop's website and download recipes to use with Healthy Idea's items. It's just one way Stop & Shop is investing in their customer's health.

I have to say though the new feature at Stop & Shop stores that makes me giggle with joy is the handheld scanners that are available in stores. You can use the scanner to scan each item as you put it in your cart, the scanners not only keep track of what your buying but give you a running total. If your a mom like me on a strict budget this allows you to decide just what you need to buy without any surprises at checkout. It also helps you control buying extra junk that you really don't need but once your at checkout you just are too ashamed to put it back. heh. Usually for me its cookies and other junk food that make it in my cart but once I'm at checkout I feel committed to buy it.

Check out the Stop & Shop website and the Healthy Ideas section to learn more or find a Stop & Shop near you! Thanks Mom Central for letting us know!


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