Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bring some bears home for Valentines Day!

The Berenstain Bears were a staple in my childhood from the books to the cartoons but honestly I don't remember most of the cartoons off the top of my head but watching them on DVD brings back so many memories. As a parent myself now I realize why parents were so keen on this series when I was growing up. Unlike other cartoons the Berenstain Bears teach lessons in each book and episode.

The Berenstain Bears : Kindness, Caring & Sharing brings back my favorite bears in a group of episodes that would be perfect for Valentines Day! The first episode on the dvd, Comic Valentine, follows Brother Bear on Valentine's Day he has a secret admirer and much like every other guy I know he just can't seem to handle it.

If your concerned about what your kids are watching on tv The Berenstain Bears are one series that you can let your kids watch in full confidence that they will be watching programing that is not only good but that will help them learn helpful ideas too, like the fact that regardless of what kids think cleaning a room is not so hard. heh.

The Berenstain Bears : Kindness, Caring & Sharing are available right now on DVD and you can pick up yours on Amazon!


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