Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa's little helper!

It's just not felt like the holiday season up till now. I've been in the midst of finals, sicker than I've ever been in my life, and though all I've been talking about with you guys lately up till this weekend it really had not set in that this is really Connor's second birthday. So over the weekend we set up the Christmas tree, wrapped some presents, and today we did the thing that always gets me in the mood. We went and saw Santa! I was so nervous as last year taking Connor to see Santa as all I've ever heard was about babies crying when they see Santa but lets just say all he could do was laugh and coo over the man with the big white beard. In the last two months Connor has just starting to show signs of being scared of strangers so again I was concerned but needless to say from the picture he was more than happy to ham it up with Santa.

See that adorable outfit he is wearing his his Santa picture? I had been looking for months for just the right thing for him to wear to see Santa and I wanted something adorable but I always hate investing in clothes that can only be used once or twice. So when I saw the Christmas outfits over at Happy Green Bee I knew I had the perfect outfit. First of all Happy Green Bee knit tees are one of my favorite basic kids tees. They are made from super soft organic cotton, as all of the Happy Green Bee items are and are available in stripes or solid colors but I've found the solid color tees are a great item in any kids wardrobe as they work with pretty much any outfit and are nice enough that they look really dressy if matched with a nice pair of pants. Match them up with a pair of the Happy Green Bee leggings or a skirt and you have something really unique.

Connors new Happy Green Bee outfit is perfect for Christmas. I thought the lady at the Santa booth was going to flip as you have to admit he looks a lot like a little elf in it. It's comfortable enough that he can just wear it around the house or even to bed but it looks great enough that everyone in the mall could not take their eyes off my little guy. Though the radish and bean striped items (red and green) in the Happy Green Bee collection do not have to be used for just Christmas they would be perfect for all of your holiday functions. Mix and match them any way you wish to create just the right outfit!

Head on over to Happy Green Bee and check out all of their items including the new sportswear line. It may still be a little early to think about warm weather items but those board shorts are awfully cute!

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Sky said...

How cute!! I love that little outfit!

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