Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Looking for an unusual gift?

Looking for a toy for the kid who has everything, or really want to give a toy that will spark a kid's imagination over and over again. I can not even tell you how many times I've told parents that my favorite toys are always the toys that require the most imagination that I'm left with a parent staring at me blankly. I think with a society all too reliant on those battery operated toys that make more noise than sometimes I would like. It seems that we have sometimes lost touch with the joy it is to be a kid. Actually as a kid I don't remember any of those fancy toys, what I do remember most fondly is the secret club houses I would make in the closet or off the back of the couch. Mind you my "forts" were made of old sheets, towels, and blankets. All of which drove my mother insane as she refuses to put away any sheets that might be "dirty" from being hauled all over the living room.

I recently did a review of the Fortamajig from Happy Kid Company. Fortamajig is quite simply a large square piece of fabric that has velcro straps around the edges and has its own built in doors and windows. Through your child's imagination the Fortamajig can become any sort of "fort" they want it to be. No stakes to put down, no confusing strings. Just hook the velcro on a tree limb, the headboard, whatever your child can think up and you have an instant fort that when your done you just fold it up and go.

Connectables are Fortamajig's little brother. Instead of having one large sheet to make your forts with Connectables are smaller squares that can be hooked together, used separately, or even added to your Fortamajig to build anything you can dream up. We played around building different things with our Connectables and though the possibilities are pretty much limitless we had a really good time with two of the possibilities. My first idea was to use the Connectables to make a tunnel off our Fortamajig tent which was pretty simple to do by hooking the Connectables together three wide and hooking the middle Connectable to the couch and coffee table it made the perfect little tube for a "secret" access to our Fortamajig. The easiest thing to build though and quite possibly the most fun is hooking each of the Connectables together end to end and using them to make a maze that lead from my room to Connor's down the hallway. Part of the fun was making the maze but the best part was chasing Connor through the maze back and forth from room to room.

You can see more picture ideas of what to build with your Fortamajig and Connectables on the Happy Kid Company website. While your over there pick up a set of Connectables for a lucky kid on your Christmas list or if you want something really special buy the combo kit!

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Brn2lisn said...

Boy where was this when I was a kid. This is a very cleaver concept. I can remember my sister and I making our own tents, with blankets and sheets. Drapping them over chairs and such to make our own privacy curtains and tents.

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