Monday, December 8, 2008

The perfect game for the tween/teens and families that like to play together. heh.

Hey my dad always said the family that plays together stays together. Well if that's true a family that could master playing Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit with the band kit must be the ultimate stay together game. heh. If that's true though why is it that bands break up all the time? Mmm I may have to have a little chat with my dad about this whole saying.

Regardless the sheer mention of the fact that I have a whole Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit sitting in my living room has sent virtually every teen, tween, and several grown men and women into fits of jealously. Not that I can blame them it has to be one of the coolest things to happen to console gaming since the invention of the dance pad, which don't even ask you will never and I repeat never, much like karaoke, see me play with either in public at least not unless I've had one too many to drink. I am not however afraid to say that Guitar Hero World Tour's Band Kit is awesome.

The question is do I have a future secret career as a rock star? Nah. All those dreams I had growing up running away with my rock star boyfriend, heh well he ran off without me (true story) and though I totally forgive him, he must have known in advance that my Guitar Hero skills would be awful. Mind you I'm almost 99.99 percent sure that I could still woop his butt on any other video game he threw at me. Yeh I know your out there buddy, bring it on, I'm still more gamer girl than you can handle. It's fun to pretend though and late at night when I'm all alone and no one is watching I can certainly pretend that I am such the rock star that I am not.

Enough about my rock star dreams. Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit is amazing. It comes with a guitar, microphone, drum kit, and of course a copy of Guitar Hero World Tour. Which means minus the people needed to complete your band you have basically everything you need to start your own Guitar Hero band and rock your local living room. Though the guitar looks cool and I personally think people who play guitar are cooler than cool and I've had a serious problem in my past falling for the bad boy guitarist, I think my guitar skills are a bit lacking. Not that playing the Guitar Hero guitar is exactly the same as playing a real one as with all the instruments its all about playing the correct "buttons" or controls at the right intervals. I just can't seem to get my mind around the guitar. However the drum kit on the other hand is amazing. I actually wish it played music without the game as its way too much fun. The controls are easy just hit the drums which are color coded at the right time. It comes complete with a foot pedal and cymbals too so you really end up feeling as if your actually playing the drums. The microphone included I really expected to be light and cheap but its quite the opposite the microphone has some weight and it feels like a real microphone in your hand. Unlike the other instruments if you end up as the singer the only controls you need is your voice and the microphone.

Though the $189 price tag may scare off some parents I honestly believe that the Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit is well worth every penny. Its well made, it would make for a great family gift or group gift if you have multiple children and it will keep the kids, teens, and ok even Dad busy for hours living out all those rock star fantasies without Mom being stuck having to listen to a drum set in her basement for day after day as you can just turn the volume on the TV down or ask your Guitar Hero singer to sing just a little quieter.

You can pick up your own copy of Guitar Hero World Tour Complete Band Kit at most major retailers and game stores. They are also available on Amazon and currently come for the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and PS2!!


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