Saturday, December 20, 2008

Phew Phew... or so says Connor.

Connor uses the same sound for his toy guns as he does when he pretend plays with spray bottles, which by the way isn't always pretend I found him this morning on my couch with half of a lavender cleaning spray emptied out as he attempted to "clean it". So much for those baby locks I have on the pantry I don't think they are working anymore.

One of the absolutely coolest toys that I remember growing up in my tween ages was when laser tag just got really popular. Kids ran around with these dark colored guns and these "targets" scrapped to them like something out of a sci fi movie. Do guys remember the commercials that looked like something out of battle dome with that crazy lady in the chair screaming "your out?" heh. Wow that brings back Christmas memories. I never did get my Lazer Tag system as a kid but you better bet I got one for an early Christmas present this year.

The newest edition to the Lazer Tag family is Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System. This new and highly improved model, if you ask me, includes two Lazer Tag Guns with several attachments as well as a hookup so you can play Lazer Tag as a solo player on your tv. Unlike the systems when I was a child there is no crazy chest piece the "tagger" is actually built into the guy itself so you just aim at the other player's gun and shoot. When you have successfully hit a target the gun on the "hit" player will flash and the gun itself with vibrate.

The guns are pretty neat. You can play with them without any of the attachments which leaves them small, slightly bigger than a pistol and personally that's my favorite way to use them and it makes them the most manageable for smaller hands. For more advanced players or players that want something a little more powerful you can also use the included scope, as well as the second barrel addition to the gun which gives you not only your regular gun power but a shot gun like pumpable action at the bottom. The guns themselves have some cool features that I really love including a reload feature after 10 rounds you must reload your gun and the "cartridge" pops out the bottom of the gun and you just bang your hand on it to push it back in. As well the guns feature a mild but effective recoil action which really gives you a realistic feeling.

The game can be played several ways.. You can play as just two players or if you have multiple sets you can play on teams. Players can set how many "tags" they will get before they get out which is great as you can set the tags per the players level to make games more even. Kids getting 25 tags and adults getting 10. If your playing on teams the guns know which player is on which team so there is no need to worry about accidentally shooting a teammate as the guns do not recognize shots fired from "friendly" targets. As well there is a setting to tell the gun your playing indoors or outdoors.

The solo play is sort of tricky and honestly we could not test it as it only works on older TVs (no flat panel or projection) which is really my only disappointment in the system as I would have really loved to play by myself to practice but sadly I don't own a non LCD tv. So I'm pretty much out of luck there. Otherwise the Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System is really fabulous I only wish I had two sets or more so we could get a good game going with the neighbor's kids.

The Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System is available right now and you can pick one up at a local store or on Amazon.


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