Saturday, December 20, 2008

What is Santa bringing you?

I know all I have talked about lately was gift ideas.. but I'm curious to what you guys are buying for Christmas this year.

My Wish List (in no particular order) :

My Ultimate Wish List (if I won the lottery) :
  • Honda Element in Metal Metallic - My Honda CRV is about on its last leg.
Connor's Wish List :
Ultimate Wish List (if mommy won the lottery) :
What are you guys wishing for this Christmas?


Brn2lisn said...

I have a few very simple things that I am wishing for: pair of nice comfy Dearform slippers, a nice robe, a full day of peace and quiet ..ha,ha.. and then of course a few other items such as: one of those pocket camcorders, a digital camera would be nice *Im still using one that requires film, a kitchenaid standmixer, and last but not least a day at the spa.

Superdumb Supervillain said...

Amazon had Kota for $99 the other day and Bob talked me out of it (too big) but now it's back to $230... I wish I'd gotten one for the kids...

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