Saturday, December 20, 2008

HoHoHO Yarrh?

I've been watching that commercial on the TV all week where the mom is trying to get her kid to say Merry Christmas so she can record it in a card and needless to say I've been attempting to get Connor to say Merry Christmas ever since but I've not had much luck. I did get him to say Ho Ho HO several times which is usually followed by an Uh Oh or Rawr (his two favorite words). Then it dawned on me..possibly he is saying Ho Ho HO YARRH seeing as he did take his Christmas pictures with Santa wearing the cutest little elf costume but what you can't see is the tops of his shoes have little skull and crossbones on them, of course.

I've had my eye on Jack and Lily for some time and I regret not doing this review sooner as I couldn't be more thrilled with our new Jack and Lily Skull shoes from their My Shoes Collection. The My Shoes Collection is Jack and Lily's newest edition and its geared totally on toddlers who are walking, or running, or in Connor's case hopping off of furniture. The My Shoes Collection offers a sturdy but very flexible sole that is acceptable for both inside AND outside use. Connor has been stomping around through the leaves, all over the yard, and most recently to the mall to visit Santa. Actually you would have thought his Jack and Lily shoes were a Christmas Gift as I'm not sure why but the moment he saw me open the box he came running over. Usually when I open boxes here he will come and see if its a toy and if not he will usually wander away. This time however he exclaimed "oohhhhh" and proceeded to rip the box out of my hands, open it, and attempted to put them on his feet all by himself. Needless to say though my boy does love shoes I've never quite seen him fall in love with a pair of shoes that fast. The whole day afterwards he stomped all over the house with those shoes on refusing to let me take them off until I finally slipped them off while he was sleeping.

The My Shoes Collection comes in sizes 0-6 and goes all the way to 18-24m which basically means you can get them in sizes 2.5 to a size 7. There are quite a few styles to choose from but if you have your heart set on the Skulls but want something more girlie you have ot check out the Skulls with pink bows after all even girls have dreams of being pirates too, just take me for example. Connor may not be speaking that much but from the way he reacts to his new shoes every time I take them out of the basket I can tell you they must be very comfortable as its one of the few shoes he leaves on even in the car and its always the first pair of shoes he grabs if I let him choose his own shoes for the day.

You can see the entire collection of My Shoes over at the Jack and Lily website. I may just have to buy a pair of the Skulls in the next size up too as I have a feeling Connor, as much as he loves these shoes, will end up having a meltdown the day he outgrows them. For a toddler who has a very short attention span for him to pay that much attention to a pair of shoes, that's love.

Head on over to Jack and Lily to check out their entire collection of shoes including their original soft soles as well!


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