Sunday, November 30, 2008

You'll want one for your room too!

Have an older or tween girl on your Christmas list (to be quite honest with you I think boys will like them as much as girls)? Seriously the moment I saw the Room Tech Beingz series from Hasbro I almost did a back flip.

The Room Tech Beingz alarm clock and lamp just look like a cute character styled set but these guys are so much more than cute. The alarm clock is my favorite as he has his own little attitude. He stomps his little arms on the table when its time to get up and then opens his mouth to reveal a huge speaker that then either shouts alarm sounds at you or plays music via FM radio or through your own MP3 player if you have one to hook up to him. When he is not waking you up he alerts you to the hour mark by making cute sounds and moving his arms which I always find entertaining and a good tell that I've possibly been at the computer too long by how many times he talks to me while I'm here. That large speaker he has inside his mouth also makes for a great speaker system for your mp3 player or just if you want to listen to the radio.

If you have both the lamp and the alarm clock they talk to each other. When your Room Tech Beingz Alarm clock yells to wake you up he also wakes up the lamp which then turns on as well. Though I have not seen the lamp in action I do know he has a sound sensor as well and will react to music, is sensitive to touch, and works in conjunction with the alarm clock if they are close enough together.

Up till now I honestly do not think I have ever heard of an totally interactive clock and lamp on the market especially in the kid-teen market at least not without incredibly expensive home modifications or of course the clapper which does not count. heh. The Room Tech Beingz set will certainly have all your child's friends talking and if your anything like me you will want one for yourself as well. My alarm clock sits here on my desk and especially when I'm working late he is great company.

You can check out the entire line of Room Tech Beingz over at the Hasbro website and even pick up your own set for someone on your list!


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