Sunday, November 30, 2008

The ultimate cuddle up blanket!

I know I've said it a million times but finding a great throw or adult blanket is so much harder than finding a great baby blanket. With winter here and me finding myself freezing while I'm trying to study or even just sitting and watching TV all I ever want to do is snuggle with Connor's blankets. Well 2LittleStars makes fabulous, snuggly, blankets for both babies, toddlers and even moms!!

From the moment I took my 2LittleStars adult throw out of the box it turned into a show down between me and Connor on who was going to get this blanket. Thank goodness it was almost too big for him to drag out of the room as much as I love my little man I wasn't about to give up this blanket to the munchkin, sorry Connor. I knew with one touch that this blanket was going to be mine and I was not even about to give it up. Made with a a nice heavy weight minky type material on both sides and a velvety trim it will you keep you warm even on those chilly cold mornings. I take mine to bed with me every night and if anything the only disadvantage is its so soft and toasty I would rather stay wrapped up than getting out of bed some mornings. heh.

The throw size at 65x55 would actually almost double as a comforter, its certainly pretty enough, for a twin bed or most certainly on a toddler's bed. Its perfectly sized for one person or works great as a reading blanket as me and Connor can both snuggle comfortably underneath while we are sitting in my big chair watching a movie or looking at his picture books. If you find you need more than one (as most certainly you will as its one of those blankets the whole family will want) you can get the same blanket in four sizes everything from a security blanket, stroller blanket, toddler blanket and of course the adult throw.

I've been using my 2LittleStars adult throw for a few weeks now and its held up beautifully to wash and wear. It actually seemed to get even softer after its first wash and I have not noticed any pilling on the fabric or any change otherwise. If your looking for something really special as a gift for Christmas for a mom on your Christmas list you can have one of the throw blankets customized with a monogrammed name, family name, or anything you can think of under 15 characters. Having a security blanket monogrammed with your child's name would be a fabulous keepsake as I still have my own security blanket from when i was a baby and though its nothing even close to one of the 2LittleStars blankets it would have been pretty cool to have had my name on it. Actually most of the items over at 2Little Stars can be personalized as well!

Go check out all the blankets at 2LittleStars and believe me when I say every mom or grandparent on your list really deserves a 2LittleStars blanket as with as much as we do daily cleaning up dirty diapers, cooking, and all the different "hats" mom's wear we really deserve a little pampering! Now we just need to get Connor one so he will leave my blanket alone!


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