Saturday, November 29, 2008

A gift for the car loving daddies out there!!

I am always baffled as to what to buy my dad for Christmas each year. He's just one of those guys that no matter how many times you ask him what he wants for Christmas he either answers you one of two ways... something along the lines of "the love of my family" and the fact that he wants a vintage Corvette is always the answers. Mind you I cannot exactly afford to buy him a Corvette though if I could I would have done so a long time ago, but I may be able to slightly make up for it.

Road Mice are the coolest computer mice I have ever seen. Shaped like popular brands of sports cars such as Corvettes and Cameros they are an optical (light sensored) wireless mouse much like any other high end wireless mouse available they do offer the scroll bar and a two button feature. I tested mine head to head with my name brand wireless mouse and the Road Mice performed just as well and it certainly moved much smoother than my name brand laptop wireless mouse.

I was slightly concerned about the car shape of the mouse making it uncomfortable to use but ironically the airodynamic design of a car itself actually yields itself very well to a mouse application. The Road Mice was easy to use, slid easily on or off my mouse pad, and was accurate enough to use it for light gaming.

I have to admit the real "cool" factor to me was the fact that the Road Mice features real working headlights. It was sort of fun to watch them glow agains the back of the wall while I browsed through several of my daily blogs. Every guy or teen on your wish list that has a thing for cars will be thrilled to own one themselves. They even just make a cool alternative to the borning black mouse that most of us use. Especially when you work at your computer long hours each day you can really appreciate a small distraction even if it is your mouse to keep your day a little more intresting.

Road Micee are available for purchase directly from the Road Mice website. I really would love to get one of the police car mice for Connor's dad's Christmas, heh, how cool would that be?


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