Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beautiful, Simple, Fun!

Wooden toys are in my opinion a luxury, a luxury that every child should at least have one of. There is just something timeless and comforting about the feeling of playing with something wooden over plastic which most toys are made. With that said the one drawback to wooden toys is many wooden toy designs are well classic wooden toy designs and though there are companies making some really unique wooden toys I still get incredibly excited when I find something really unique.

Earthentree Toys is a toy company that specializes in eco-friendly wooden toys that carry a unique edge. The very first thing you may notice about their toys is the color scheme, dark greens, rich reds, oranges, navy blues all are made from vegetable and plant based dyes and then lacquered with a super shiny non toxic coating. All of Earthentree's toys are handmade in India and it gives them a sort of personality as you can really feel the care coming through in each toy.

I received a Tommy Turtle pull toy for Connor and my first impression was just how reasonably priced it is. For a handmade wooden toy a mere $30 for a substantial piece seems unusually inexpensive. It's movement when pulled, however, is really the unique aspect. Tommy Turtle features a gorgeous ball on his back with a circular design engraved into the ball, this makes up Tommy's turtle shell. When the toy is pulled the ball spins on his back. It's really an unusual feature and I can't say I've seen anything even remotely like it before. Tommy Turtle has a really adorable little carved face which is all slightly different as they are hand made and it gives the turtle a bit of a folk quality which is comforting. My only complaint is that my Tommy Turtle had a rather short leash and Connor tends to flip him over if he gets going too fast as he will pull up on the string causing him to flip. I've tied on a slightly long string and that totally cured the problem and it was an easy fix.

Tommy Turtle looks amazing sitting on Connor's shelf and until people inspect him closely he is normally mistaken for being a decoration piece instead of a toy. Though I think the real beauty of the toy is watching it move as that circle design on the shell is really gorgeous when he is on the move.

If your looking for something really memorable to add to a baby gift or looking for a great heirloom quality toy to add to your collection for Christmas you really have to go check out Earthentree!


Anonymous said...

That turtle toy is so cute!! Thanks for posting!

R Family said...

These are so great and unique. Thanks for the tip.
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