Sunday, October 19, 2008

UNO in the nick of time!!

I don't think I ever took the class on how to play card games as an adult. Spades, Poker, Euchre.. I have no clue how to play them and I've watched and I'm still totally confused. However when it comes to UNO I have that under control. Though the new UNO Flash game from Mattel will have even the most seasoned UNO player begging for mercy.

UNO Flash can be played with two to six players though its best with at least three players as sometimes the random can get suck on one player unfairly if played with just two. You still follow the same UNO rules you would play with the regular stand alone card game with a few extra suprises.

The UNO Flash board is pretty easy to set up. Just put your draw and discard pile in the middle, selection how many seconds you want each round to be on the dial underneath and turn it on. Each player will push his or her button that is infront of them so the UNO Flash board knows how many people are playing and where they are sitting and then you hit the play button. This is were it gets really intresting. Instead of going clockwise or counter clockwise or in whatever order you would normally play UNO in the flash board decides who goes and when. This means you could go twice in a row, even so you really have to keep your eyes on the board. If that is not enough to send you into a panic each turn is timed and you have until the board stops to complete your turn. This makes it intresting as instead of knowing you have three people infront of you and you can relax and plan your next move you litterally have seconds to decide what card you want to play. You can set the timer for four, six, or eight seconds but regardless its quick! There is also an extra "wild" card called SLAP that when played all the players must hit their buttons as fast as they can and the slowest player is forced to draw extra cards. heh.

My only complaint about the game is the size of the board. If you have a large group of people and a big table you will find it hard for some of the players to reach the SLAP button in time giving players sitting closest to the board an unfair advantage.

Its dirty, its fast paced, it will get your heart pumping, its UNO like you've never seen it before!

UNO Flash is available right now from most major retailers or you can pick up your own at Amazon!

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Anonymous said...

I love playing UNO! It is one of my favorite games as a kid. I am looking forward to playing games with my girls.

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