Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chaos couldn't be more fun.

The new game Hyper Jump from Wild Planet games reminds me a bit of a super chaotic super high paced game of Simon Says.

The Hyper Jump game consists of a control unit with four color coded numbered triggers that branch off of it sort of like a big X. The middle unit is the brain for the game and you can select the type of game play you want including a solo play for one to four players or a team play where players of two group up into teams and up to eight kids can play. Then you can set your difficulty level which seems to be a going feature in the Wild Planet games to allow you to set how hard the game will be or set it approprately for the age of kids playing. On level one its fairly slow paced and a good way to get warmed up as it really helps you get a feel for the game. Most five and six year olds will find the first setting difficult enough to keep them entertained but as your child improves at the game you can up the anty and speed up the game approprately. On level four however even parents may find themselves getting a bit dizzy at the speed of commands.

The game plays out sort of like a game of Simon Says. The game will let you know which player is up and then once you signal the game to start by pushing any target it will start barking off a series of commands. "Red, 3, Yellow, ect" and you must touch the targets in order. You can use your hands, feet, or whatever you need to to get the targets down in the fastest time. The color commands are fairly easy but when it starts throwing in the numbers on top of the colors it gets a little tricky! The worst part as the levels progress it starts to ask simple math problems, gives complex commands like criss cross where you must jump on opposite sides, and hyper jump where you must jump on all of the targets.

If you have some really high energy kids its a great non destructive way for them to get out a little extra energy on a gloomy day. It can be played alone as well so even if friends are not available they can work on beating their high scores. Its a pretty good workout too for mom's who want to get a little exercise in before the kids come home from school... don't worry I won't tell them that you used their game. heh.

You can learn more about Hyper Jump over at Wild Planet games and pick up your own Hyper Jump for someone on your christmas list over in their online store!

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Unknown said...

I bought Wild Planet Hyper Jump a few weeks before christmas as my own present from! I love this thing and someone will probably have to pry it from my cold dead hands some day. 2.5 users rate the product as a good/bad buy. The average rating provided was 28. I found this very helpful and decided against buying the product.

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