Sunday, October 12, 2008

A new luxury!

I've been searching for some really great new clothing for the toddler set for fall and I just happened across a b sea baby.

When it comes to organics a b sea baby is the ultimate in luxury, and truly wins the award for the most gorgeous, softest, most fabulous line of baby clothing I have ever seen or touched. All of their clothing items are made of 70% silk and 30% organic cotton dyed in soft natural colors inspired by the ocean and beach such as foam (white), bay (light blue), bouy (soft pink) and sand (a rich smooth brown). I got Connor a really stunningly gorgeous hoodie in wave (a deep blue) and when it arrived I've never been so incredibly jealous of Connor in my life. heh.

The fabric that a b sea baby's clothing is made out of is so soft to the touch it reminds me of how silky and soft a new born's face feels. It's just amazing but I kept thinking to myself.. silk.. silk.. eek will I have to hand wash it? I'll be honest if I actually had to hand wash an item I wouldn't use it that goes for Connor's clothes or mine. You'll be ecstatic to know that all of a b sea baby's items are 100% machine washable, though its recommended that they are left to air dry. Something about the silk however allows the items to dry pretty quickly so I just hang mine up on the back of a chair at night and by the next morning its ready to hang up in the closet or be worn.

For the most part all the clothing items at a b sea baby are solid colors but each color features its own "logo" embroidered on the chest. Each logo features a different animal doing something water related a Labrador on a dock, a sheep on a raft, a zebra lifeguard. Its really a surprising little punch of personality on an otherwise blank canvas. I've never seen a more classy hoodie, It can easily go from a play date to a fancy restaurant and look totally at home. I just wish I had one in my size!!

a b sea baby's clothing is not cheap at anywhere from $30 to $90 a set but the first time you are lucky enough to touch one of their clothing items you will find yourself wanting the whole collection. Personally I would love to have one of each of the hooded sweater sets and crew neck sweater sets for Connor!

You can pick up your own a b sea baby items over on their website! Add a hooded sweater set to your Christmas buying list for someone special I know they will be estatic.


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