Sunday, October 19, 2008

Its time to start thinking about turkey recipes.

Halloween is almost here, and Thanksgiving is always right behind it. Have you ever noticed that once Halloween comes it seems like a blur before your ringing in the new year?

While I'm thinking about it I really would appreciate it if anyone has any great turkey recipes to share. Especially leftover recipes as I always end up stealing the scraps after thanksgiving is over to use in my turkey noodle soup but I think this year I'd like to do something a little different.

While your thinking about turkey day I really encourage you to head on over to Electrolux and share your turkey tale with Kelly Ripa and you may just be the winner of your own brand new Electrolux wall oven or range with the new perfect turkey button. I'm sure you're thinking, Angela what exactly is the perfect turkey button?! Well the new Electrolux ranges combines the awesome cooking power of a confection oven and a tempature probe which insures that your turkey no matter what it's size is cooked perfectly every time, no stress, no turkeys frozen on the inside. It's brilliant as really the only thing you want to do during the holidays is spend time with your family not hovered over a stove.

Electrolux wants to give some lucky girl, or guy, their brand new stove and all you have to do is share your perfect turkey story. The perfect turkey may have nothing to do with cooking the best turkey ever for me its actually thinking about my mom's first turkey. Right after my parents got married my mom slaved over a turkey all day for her new family and aunts and uncles. Everything looked amazing and she brought the turkey to the table and come to find out she had forgotten to remove the inside bag so all the inside parts were still.. well.. inside. heh. Every time I think about it I laugh and though it sounds wrong it really takes the pressure off of me when it comes to cooking family meals. As long as I remeber to take the insides out I'm on the right track!

You can enter your own Perfect Turkey story anytime on the Electrolux webpage until Nov 14th and who knows you may just be cooking your own turkey in a new range by thanksgiving!!

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Anonymous said...

Great post :) It completely seems like after Halloween the year flies by far too quickly, there is so much to do!

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