Thursday, September 11, 2008

A whole new reason to fall in love with Robeez!

The classic Robeez design comes in sizes 0-24 months, though many styles are now available all the way up till 4 yrs due to popular demand!

The problem, however, is finding a "big boy" looking shoes for your little person. Though I wouldn't trade my classic Robeez slip on styled shoes for the world there is something endlessly adorable about a classic shoe on a little foot. I think its the pure shock of seeing a little shoe in such miniature proportions. The problem has always been finding tiny shoes that function correctly for tiny feet. I strongly believe in not putting a child under at least two in a hard soled shoe... and no matter how cute a shoe is I hold strong to that belief. Not that I think every pair of shoes in a toddler's wardrobe should be a soft soled shoe as one your little one is up and walking outdoor fun should be done in a nice flexible sole. The problem is I see way too many "baby" shoes with hard soles and its just not good for little feet.

Robeez recently added Tredz to their super popular line of shoes which solved the delima of outdoor shoes as they combine the great quality and style you expect from Robeez with the added benefits of having a super flexible but harder sole that is appropriate for outdoor wear. The only issue is that Tredz start in a size 12 months, so younger babies are left out on the action.

Mini's however offer all the awesome style of the Tredz with a slightly more durable sole for light outdoor use compared to the Robeez classic and of course that "mini" shoe look for those of you that want something that looks more like an adult shoe verses a slip on type look. Minis come in sizes 3 months to 18 months which is especially nice for babies that are walking earlier or just pulling up. I recently got my hands on a pair of the Mini's in 3-6 months and seriously It makes me a bit sad that Connor didn't have any proper shoes at this age. He did have a pair of white cloth shoes that reminded me a bit of the shoes my Cabbage Patch doll wore when I was a kid but nothing that would protect his feet but still allow him to flex when we were practicing walking. The soles themselves are unlike anything I have seen before in smaller shoes, as flexible as the standard leather or suede soles but made of a waterproof material on the outside and a soft velvety suede on the inside. So you end up with the best of both worlds, a shoe that looks well.. like a shoe.. and the benefits of a slip on soft soled shoe all in one!

The Robeez Minis are selling out everywhere so pick up your pair now for holiday gift giving as there is no guarantee the style you want will be available as we get closer to Christmas! Robeez Minis can be purchased in their online store or you can use the store locater to pick a pair up near you!

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The brown shoes with pink flowers are so cute!

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