Friday, September 12, 2008

What does responsiblity mean to you?

Seriously.. I'm really asking.. what does responsibility mean to you? I had to think about this when helping Connor's dad work on a project recently and that's a rather open ended question. Responsibility can mean many things.. but to me what comes to mind is taking responsibility for my family and most importantly for Connor. That means making some sacrifices that I never thought I would have to do, getting more serious about school and really thinking about my future and more importantly HIS future. Nothing is really about me anymore but its always about US.

Responsibility for a child can be a simple as making sure you feed the dog, taking up for kids younger than you, following the directions your parents give you. Things that may just seem simple to us as adults are the building blocks for children and learning what responsibility will be as they get older. The Responsibility Project hosted by Liberty Mutual is a collection of online videos inspired by just that question. What is responsibility?

I watched many of the videos but the one that spoke to me was "Growing Up" it touches on exactly what I feel what responsibility is but it shows it from both sides from young adults and from children.

Head on over to The Responsibility Project and share the videos with your children or just watch them for yourself. It's a great building block to learning to understand both from an adult standpoint and a child's standpoint what responsibility really is.

Thanks, Mom Central, for letting us know!


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