Friday, September 12, 2008

The Legion of Superheros...

The WB's animated version of the Legion of Super Heroes has its third DVD volume out this month.

Honestly this was the first time I watched this animated show, and I am normally a HUGE super hero fan... keep that in mind.

The Legion of Super Heroes is very WB... and I don't say that necessary in a bad way, but its not that serious when it comes to the super hero aspect. Its high pace, happy, on the comedy side, and really quite quirky. It's a great series for the younger set especially the younger ones that like that fast pace super goofy type programs such as High School Musical, but for hard core comic book fans or those that are actually looking for a serious Super Hero show.. its just not the thing for you.

Basicly what I'm trying to say is either you will LOVE it or you will find it a bit annoying like one of those girls who talks too fast. Seriously enough from a kid stand point its a fun show with a great soundtrack but if your expecting the Dark Knight or more serious characters you may be just a tad bit dissapointed, however, for the younger set it will be awesome!

The Legion of Super Heroes Volume 3 is available right now on Amazon!


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