Saturday, September 6, 2008

School for Connor? Oh please no.. not yet.

I was just talking to my friend Stacy today and she reminded me of the great tshirts over at Veri Meri. Her daughter just started kindergarten and she is dealing with the mommy blues I think every mom gets when their kids are off for school. Personally I am not even joking you I am dreading the day and already counting the days. Not that I don't love watching Connor grow but school marks a very important milestone its a child's first real form of Independence from their parents even if it is for just a few hours a day. *sob* I'm going to cry just thinking about it.

Well no fear when I am ready for my little man to go off to kindergarten we will be ready. Veri Meri offers some great shirts for the toddler through adults! One big concern with every parent as their child starts school is bullies. It seems we all experience it at some point, but in Kindergarten? Sadly yes it happens and I remember seeing the great Be Buddies tshirt over at Veri Meri. Kind of the kid friendly version of "Make Love Not War" heh.Personally I am not ready for the thought of preschool or *gasp* kindergarten and for now I am only interested in focusing on the cool museum trip I have planned for tomorrow and planning for his eventual camping adventure to Space Camp, the coolest summer camp ever within driving distance from us. Yes I know it seems odd that I am excited about Space Camp but not kindergarten, but Space Camp is pretty darn cool. In honor of our summer camp dreams my favorite tshirt of all at Very Meri? Blast off of course!You can get your own Veri Meri tshirts over at their website! Maybe I should get myself a No Homework tee to try to protest all this anatomy homework I keep coming home with from college. heh.

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Ladytink_534 said...

These are cute! Sadly even in preschool there are bullies (or bossy little girls like in my high school early childhood education classes) but a lot of places that accept only a small number of children (10 -12) keep a better eye on those problems.

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