Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bound to be a classic in the making

The moment I saw the cover on The Tear Thief, I knew I had to read it. Not that illustrations are everything on a children's book but thats the one thing I remeber most vividly about the books from my own childhood. I may or may not remeber all the stories, but the truly great ones left their mark not only in pictures but with a great story to boot.

The Tear Thief published by Barefoot Books and written by Carol Ann Duffy is in my opinion a classic in the making. The dreamlike illustrations done by Nicoletta Ceccoli who in her own right is one of my favorite modern artists of all time. Her beautiful and slightly surreal illustrations and paintings have intregued me since I first saw one of her paintings in a private gallery in flordia. I've always wanted to buy one of her orginal works but I'm sure that would be out of the question price wise, I've always been scared to ask. heh.

Nicoletta actually had no influence on my wanting to do this review however, as clueless as I can be at times I saw a little snippit of what the story was about and got excited well before I saw the illustrations. I was actually so excited to get the book the first thing I did was open it up and read it before I even noticed her name on the cover though I did have that flashing though of hmmm these illustrations look awfully familiar. Needless to say not that I think you should buy the book on illustrations alone, but wow.. seriously wow.

Enough about Nicolletta as its Carol that should be getting all the praise. The story is wonderfully unique and truly a great fairy tale of our time. Though I don't want to ruin the entire book for you but the Tear Thief is a hauntingly beautiful magical girl who's mission is to collect all the beautiful tears from children all over the world. Silly tears, tantrum tears, guilty tears, and the most special tears of all.. the ones from a truly sad child. Normally no one can see the Tear Thief and she sneaks in and steals her precious tears without anyone even knowing she was there. However, if you look just right in a puddle at just the right time you might get lucky enough to catch a glance as she gently collects her tears. That's just what happens to one sad little girl.

Have you noticed just how beautiful those big plump tears are on those precious little faces when your children are looking up at you wide eyed, waiting for you to pick them up and make everything right. I notice.. and I cherish every moment of it as I know that Connor will only come crying to his mommy only so long. The Tear Thief notices too and what she does with the tears is truly magical.

You can get your own copy of The Tear Thief at Barefoot Books!

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BlondeBlogger said...

Oh wow! You're not kidding about the illustrations! They're gorgeous!

And the story sounds so incredible too. Heading to check it out now. Thanks for the review!

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