Friday, September 26, 2008

The Pocket Change

The Pocket Change diaper is a standard pocket diaper made by Natural Baby Company (The same people who brought you the Dream Eze).

My first impression of the Pocket Change diaper was that it looked tiny. The first time I laid Connor down to put it on I actually hesitated thinking that it just didn't look big enough. The diaper is fairly compact but yet it stretches quite a bit so it fits a fairly large group of babies per size. Connor is in the medium size which fits babies from 12 to 25lbs, he weighs around 21lbs and the diaper falls just below his belly button and is very trim fitting for a pocket diaper.

This diaper started off as the one I worried about as I was convinced the sizing was wrong as so many of our other diapers fell at or even above Connor's belly button when closed, and quickly its become my favorite going out diaper as it fits well under Connor's clothes and we have and zero issues with leaking. It actually fits fairly similar to the Dream Eze in its profile when on other than the fact that the Dream Eze has the built in inserts. One other very unique thing about this diaper is that it comes with not one but two inserts a trifold insert as well as a booster (the type of insert that lays on the top of the diaper lining to help boost absorabancy). I'm not usually a huge fan of trifolds as to be quite honest I'm lazy and I hate having to fold the inserts to insert them as sometimes they come unfolded in this process. This insert however is my favorite thus far of all the trifolds and I've not had any issues with it as well it affords the diaper a much trimmer profile than a diaper with a mirofiber insert.

After using both the Dream Eze and Pocket Change for a few weeks I honestly now belive that if your looking to use a pocket diaper and that diaper fitting trim or if you have a skinny baby like I have the Pocket Change is one of the best options on the market.

Pros :

  • Very Trim Fitting
  • Great for the smaller babies.
  • Comes with both a microfleece booster and a trifold cotton/hemp liner.
  • Lining showed no signs of pilling.
Cons :
  • May not fit as well on very chunky babies.
  • Limited color choices.
You can read more about the Pocket Change diaper on the Natural Baby Company website. To find a retailer that carries the Pocket Change use the retailer search.


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