Friday, September 26, 2008

Monkey Foot Designs

Monkey Foot Designs bring wet bags to a level that all mom's will appreciate, hey even non moms, will love them.

I don't know how many times I need to say this but a wet bag was the one thing I never knew I needed as a mom until I got my first one, with or without cloth diapers. I can't tell you how many times previously I used a ziplock bag or even worst a grocery bag to store wet clothes or even my bath supplies. The problem with this is its just not pretty, grocery bags leak, and really who wants to look down in their beach bag and find an ugly grocery bag staring back at you. Well if you had a proper wet bag you wouldn't have had to put those swim suits in a grocery bag and ended up with lake water all over your clean dry clothes. Arg I can't even tell you how many times thats happened to us.

Well the Monkey Foot Designs wet bag not only looks fabulous, not to mention you can custom order one to match your style! But it features a really unique option that made me go "doh". I love a nice thick handle on my wet bag, mostly because I love to hang them over the back of our door regardless if I'm using it for dirty diaper storage, or if I am using it to store dirty clothes it just seems logical to hang it so its easy to access. The Monkey Foot Designs bag offers a super thick loop which is great and sturdy for this reason, but it also offers a snap so you can loop it over your stroller, hang it in the closet, or even loop it across a handrail if your at the pool. Seriously it seems like a small little option but its fabulous!!

Check out Monkey Foot Designs on Etsy, at her personal blog, and see the awesome custom fabric choices you can choose form as well at her flickr website!


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