Friday, September 26, 2008

Madagascar on Blu-ray!!

Madagascar has been re-released this month on Blu-ray.

Those crazy penguins are planning an escape from the Zoo. You never can trust penguins they are sneaky, I mean they are already wearing little ninja outfits who can blame them? Marty the zebra has been a little depressed and decides that he's up for an adventure as well and follows those crazy penguins in their escape.

The only issue is they are in the middle of New York, and there isn't really a place to escape to. Marty's best friend the start attraction at the zoo, a lion named Alex follows him out to try to talk him back. In the meantime they get caught and in the end get shipped back to their "natural" habitat as sort of a plan to save them. Marty and Alex quickly realize just how good they had it at the zoo.

I actually saw this movie originally in the theater and absolutely loved it. Between the crazy penguins and those insanely funny Lemurs (which strangely remind me of Melos) I'm not sure which I love more. Seeing it in blu-ray was like seeing it for the first time again. It's just not the same money as this time around I noticed so many details that previously never stood out to me. Its a great movie, but in blu-ray its just breath taking.

Blu-ray is always known for its extra features, and speaking of my beloved penguins the extra features include a whole extra feature just about them, The Penguins in a Christmas Caper!, though not incredibly long I have to admit this feature alone is worth the re-release to me. I can't get enough of those insane penguins

Many of the other features involve the animals talking about scenes much like actors would talk about their scenes or bloopers. It was a neat idea but I got a little bored fifteen minutes into it.

Madagascar is available on blu-ray right now on Amazon!


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