Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our new gnome friend!

I've always had a thing for gnomes, well anything magical but there is just something appealing about those point hats and fat little bellies that the classic gnome has..

Project Grab Grab sent us our very own gnome, named Jasper, who may not have fat belly but does sport the classic pointy hat, cool hairstyle, and is wearing a pretty funky outfit. Connor's dad notoriously hates dolls, not so much hates them but thinks that they are totally off limits when it comes to little boys. Pfft. But the odd part is he actually approved of our Project Grab Bag Gnome! I mean seriously, who could resist that pointy head?

Project Grab Grab's dolls not just for kids, though Jasper has been a joy to play with and Connor loves toting him around the house, he is as gorgous to look at as he is fun to play with. I have a small display of Connor's handmade toys sitting on his bookshelf when not in use and people always instantlly gravitate to him. Though I call Jasper a boy... though he is more neutral than some of the other Project Grab Bag dolls he could easily be considered a girl as well.

If your looking for something really cool for a shower gift or just a little something to decorate your shelves, the Pirate Babies they are very simular to the other Project Grab Grab dolls minus the arms and legs, so they are totally safe and great for little hands. Made with diffrent colored fabrics and diffrent textures they will keep your little one intrested and provide a good snuggle partner at bedtime!

Check out all the great Project Grab Grab creations for yourself. I may have to look into get a pirate for christmas! :)


Superdumb Supervillain said...

So if Project Grab Bag sent us a doll, would it be named Connor?! I noticed they have a Veronica, which is Roo's first name...

Angela said...

YES!! You'd be certainly required to name it Connor :)

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