Thursday, September 18, 2008

My first Blu Ray experience.

My birthday is coming up here way too fast, I'll be 30 this year and seriously if anyone ever mentions that again I may just have to smack you.. heh. I'm not happy about it. Something just seems unsettling about not being a 20 something anymore.

But to reward myself for my ripe old age, heh, I decided it was about time I upgraded my DVD viewing experience especially seeing as DVD reviews have become a daily thing here at Seven Dogs. Before Connor came along my dvd watching was usually only once a week or so with a weekly trip to the movie story. Now its a way of life, there is just no time for TV and movies are a adult "treat". So though I originally asked for a new dining room table as my 1970s table is well past its lifespan, I just happened to walk past a Blu Ray display at Best Buy a week ago and saw Cars playing. Both Connor and myself were stuck to the screen like glue. I've always thought that my big LCD tv had a great picture, but nothing and I do mean nothing I have ever seen on my TV came close to the picture on that Blu Ray player. So I decided for a last second birthday present request change and settled on a PS3 instead to take advantage of the duel purpose as well Blu Ray players are still insanely expensive in my opinion at least mine will play games too.

So when I heard Transformers would be our first review I almost peed myself, anyone that has been paying any attention to my latest reviews would know that we are die hard Transformers fans here and Transformers were one of the few movies I have seen in the theater in the last two years. About five minutes into the movie I realized that not only was Blu Ray fabulous but I almost hate to say this but the Blu Ray version is far better than seeing it on the big screen, so much so that I swear I can see every little detail down to a little bit of dirt on someones shoes. Its ridiculous, how on earth did we ever survive pre Blu Ray??

What I didn't realize though was the difference in the soundtrack on a Blu Ray vrs even HD. Because I do not have my speakers on a stand as Connor will pull them off on his head, I leave the speakers on the floor and sometimes I have some problems hearing the quieter tracks on a DVD. The difference in audio was amazing as not only could I hear them but I could hear almost too well.. I recommend you turn your tv down compared to what you would normally watch a movie at as the new soundtrack on the Blu Ray Transformers release is crisp and LOUD.

The new extra features on the Blu Ray release though seems to be were the sweet spot is on Blue Ray. I almost enjoyed the included documentary "Our World" which discuses the Hasbro toy line and television shows. It was really cool to sort of relive my childhood toys and shows and hear the marketing ideas behind it. The TV show was after all was designed directly to market the toys.

You can check out Transformers on Blu Ray for yourself and pick up your own copy on Amazon!


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