Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Milk to go please!

One of my favorite things about school lunches was the tiny chocolate milk boxes, but if you make a trip to the grocery store up till recently you could find juice boxes, flavored water, and even yogurt drinks in portable sizes. The only thing that has been missing is lunchbox sized milk containers.

My favorite milk company of all time Horizon's Milk, known for their great organic milks many of which you can get enhanced with DHA the same ingredient in breast milk that has been proven to help improve brain and eye health. Horizon's newest product is portable milk boxes that look just like the standard juice box your kids are already used to using, no frustrating folded tops that don't always open the way you want! They also come with these super neat expandable straws that are fun all on their own.

The best part is they come in not only chocolate, but vanilla and strawberry as well. I love chocolate milk, but vanilla milk is my favorite by far. I actually had people go out and find me vanilla flavoring for my milk the entire time I was pregnant with Connor as I just could not get enough. Connor seems to share my love of vanilla milk as when we tried our first Horizon's Milk vanilla I almost couldn't get it back to take a sip for myself. heh.

With school back in progress packing your child their own vanilla or strawberry milk will make them the envy of all their friends, not to mention that you will feel pretty darn good knowing that they are drinking organic milk to boot!

Check out the Horizon's website to learn more about their food products as well as you can visit
Horizon's Organic Facts to learn more about what goes into producing organic milk!

Thanks Mom Central for letting us know about Horizon Milk!

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Anonymous said...

I think the Horizon's milks are perfect for traveling. I feel good about giving my girls a healthy drink for on the go in the car or at a picnic in the park. Our favorite is the chocolate milk!

I love the fact that they don’t have to be refrigerated

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