Monday, September 22, 2008

A Mommy's Touch!

A Mommy's Touch is a diaper company after my own heart started like many other diaper companies by a WAHM who was just not happy with the diapers available she has branched out from not just diapers but leg warmers, diapers, breast pads, wet bags, changing pads and more! You can get pretty much everything you could ever need for diapering from one company!

The Mommy's Touch Easy Clean One Size Diapers solve the problem that many new and old cloth diaper users hate. How to remove a dirty liner from a diaper without having to dig through the diapers on wash day. Washing cloth diapers is not nearly as unpleasant that you might think, no more so than changing a dirty diaper, however reaching into a wet diaper after its been in the wet bag for two days or even when its freshly dirty is not really the most pleasant experience at times. The Mommy's Touch Easy Clean One Size Diapers solves that problem. The pocket openings on the Mommy's Touch diaper is unusually large pocket openings on both sides of the diaper which allows for the water to flow through the diaper in the wash thus freeing the insert and allowing you to avoid putting your fingers inside on wash day. It also makes the diaper incredibly easy to stuff. Just make sure you check the liner to make sure its still inside when you go to put the diaper on the baby as sometimes I found it shifts a bit when I put them in our drawer for storage.

The Mommy's Touch Easy Clean One Size Diapers comes in both snaps and velcro (touch tape) styles. Both of which adjust down to fit babies from 7 to 35lbs. To make this happen depending on if your using the velcro version or the snap version you fold down the front of the diaper, in the velcro version this will expose what looks like a bare spot in the fleece which the velcro then attaches to. Seeing as the diaper has double velcro on one end you can then velcro down no matter how small the baby is. In the snap version it takes a bit more prep work but seeing as you can do it all as your putting your diapers away I almost prefer this version. You just snap down the front of the diaper onto a second row of snaps on the diaper, fold up the corners (that also snap together) and you have a much smaller diaper to work with.

One extra benefit of the Mommy's Touch Easy Clean One Size is that that larger opening allows you to use virtually any type of liner on the market including prefolds. I use mine with a one size microfiber liner which I've found at least in my opinion is a bit bulky for the smaller setting. I did remedy that by using a prefold folded down for a newborn which takes the bulk out of the liner and lets it fit much flatter up front. Or you can just fold down your one size liner away from the folded down front as well.

Pros :

  • You never have to touch a dirty liner. Just wash and go!
  • They will fit virtually any baby birth to toddler.
  • Easy to use with any sort of liner, or any brand of liner.
  • Tons of color choices and prints.
  • Diaper is available in snaps or velcro.
Cons :
  • Using the snap diapers on the smallest setting takes a few attempts to figure it out.
  • The touch tape version on the small side looks a bit messier than the tab version as its hard to keep the fabric all tucked under. This does not affect the functionality of the diaper but its a personal pet peeve.
You can read more about the Mommy's Touch Easy Clean One Size Diapers on their website, as well as locate a retailer to purchase your own diapers!


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