Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Cinderella Story?

The story of Cinderella has been retold in movies so many different ways, but I almost hate to admit I LOVED this one. Another Cinderella Story follows the recent trend of teenage musicals and dance movies. A trend that up till this point (and the occasional dance movie) I've attempted to avoid. Mostly because I really truly thought they would be cheezy.

So the other night when the boys were out playing I finally sat down and decided to watch Another Cinderella Story with my laptop ready just encase it got boring. Needless to say I never even turned my laptop on as I loved every second of it.

The dancing was good but no where on the same level as the Step Up movies that I enjoy but far more advanced than any teenager I've ever known. I have to admit I'm a bit jealous as though I'd consider myself an ok dancer when no one else is looking I turn into two left feet when it comes to dancing in public. I just get nervous.. heh. Selena Gomez the main star of the movie does a great job. Not necessarily a professional dancer she would certainly put me to shame any day and seeing as she is stunningly gorgeous already I find that a bit unfair.

The story is the classic Cinderella story gone current day... girl's father dies leaving her with an evil step mother and two ugly step sisters. She is forced to do ridiculous chores and live like their maid and forget the school dance as there is just too much to do. This Cinderella though does not have a fairy godmother but instead has a outrageously cool best friend who comes to her rescue. She makes it to the school dance after all and ends up dancing with the way too cute for his own good Joey who happens to also be a famous singer/dancer who has come back to his previous school while trying to "find himself".

Mmm speaking of Joey.. wow is he stinking adorable. Played by Andrew Seeley he is too cute for his own good, and way too old to be in high school... lol but even if your don't terribly enjoy teenage movies I think most mom's will find themselves drooling over "Joey" enough to keep themselves interested in the movie. heh.

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