Monday, September 22, 2008

Bumma's Wipes

I learned almost immediately in our cloth diaper journey that Connor's diaper rash issue dramatically increased when we started using cloth diapers. That's not saying that we don't still have issues but it happens much less often these days. I think a big factor in that is the fact that Connor's butt just stays much drier in cloth diapers especially overnight if we use a soaker along with our liner. (A diaper soaker is a secondary smaller liner that fits on top of the diaper liner instead of inside the pocket and it allows for much more "absorbency".)

When our sample of Bummas arrived I was pretty excited as this whole dry butt thing got me thinking. I've not gotten a chance to try cloth diaper wipes yet but with disposable ones I've always noticed that Connor's butt is pretty damp when I am done cleaning him off. Most diaper changes I am in such a rush that air drying is not an option so I stick the diaper on him damp butt or not. Though I think cloth diapers do improve the drying factor of a wet butt you still end up with a damp butt in the diaper. Dampness just helps provoke a diaper rash, not to mention is the perfect breeding ground for rashes involving yeast infections. For those of you (dads.. *cough*) that don't know many of the worst rashes you can get are the product of a yeast infection, and yes you can get a yeast infection anywhere on your body including the butt.

Bummas are "dry" cloth wipes that help prevent the wet butt factor. You use your usual wipes (cloth or disposable) as you normally would then when the baby is nice and clean you use a Bumma wipe to dry the area. Bummas are made from a terry type cotton which is super absorbent and makes drying your babies butt, or front parts, the matter of a few short swipes. Ironically they also make great wet wipes, washcloths, and most importantly for the boys that super absorbency is also great to lay over the "man parts" to keep your little man from shooting you in the face.

I've been using our Bummas wipes for about a week now and seeing as we already are cloth diapering I find its just really easy to wipe down his butt and then throw the dirty diaper, and Bummas wipe right in the wet bag and I wash them along with my diapers. If your not ready for the cloth diapering, you can still use them just as easily as when your done using them if you've cleaned the babies butt with a wipe your Bumma shouldn't be that dirty so you can really just throw them in your regular baby laundry basket with no issues. Personally I would not recommend using them more than once before washing as regardless if you cleaned really well they may still get a little dirty and you don't want to cross contaminate. Unless your using them as a coverup for the boy parts as in that case you really only need to change them once a day or every time they get soaked.

Bummas come in sets of 10 in several color choices, a boy pack, a girl pack, and a gender neutral calm pack, and a set of wild cloths which includes a little of everything. I'm in love with the wild pack I think I need to get a set of them to add to our collection!

You can learn more about Bummas on their website as well as purchase whatever "pack" you like best!


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