Friday, September 26, 2008

Drybees All in One and Pocket Diapers

Wanna try cloth diapering but scared of the whole liner/soaker factor? The Drybees's all in one diaper is a foolproof diaper that functions exactly the same way as a disposable, minus the having to wash them bit.

The Drybees all in one at first looks like a standard pocket diaper, and even has a pocket opening encase you wish to add extra liners for heavy duty use, aka if you need more absorabancy or overnight use. However this diaper is an all in one and that quite simply means that the "liner" is perminately sewn into the diaper, so all you need to do is put the diaper on and your good to go. No fiddling, no stuffing, just velcro it on and its ready.

If your looking for the perfect cloth diaper to send to daycare or that is grandparent family all in ones are most certainly the best option. You can still use extra linerse or soakers if you feel you need them but I have tested this diaper overnight and during the day and though I do tend to put a soaker in a diaper for overnight use I have used it without and had no problems with leakage. The inside lining is made with a "suadecloth" which has a lower knap than some of the other fleece we have seen used and it's not as plush but it certainly makes shaking the solids into the toliet SO much easier especially seeing we are not using a diaper sprayer yet here.

I decided to review both the Drybees All in One and Pocket diaper in the same review as they are quite honestly the same diaper minus the sewn in liner in the all in one. Actually if they are both in my diaper drawer (other than they are diffrent colors) I cannot tell them apart unless I look inside the liner. Both are veclro diapers that are fitted to the babies size, meaning you buy the size you need. Both have wide pocket openings that will easily hold any liner you wish and double elastic around both sides of the pocket so there won't be any issues with the lining of the diaper poking out the back. They both even retail for around $16.95 so either way you can't go wrong. They are fairly low priced, and a good staple diaper for any stash.

Pros :

  • Economically priced, great working diaper for your stash!
  • The all in one diaper is fabulous for first timers or daycare.
  • Lots of solid color options.
  • Solid wastes shake easily off.
Cons :
  • Velcro curls slightly on the tabs.
  • Prints are available but its sometimes hard to find them online.
  • Currently no snap versions available.
You can learn more about Drybees on their website as well as use the retailer search to find a retailer near you or online that carry them!


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