Monday, September 22, 2008

Fuzzi Bunz

Someone once told me that the Fuzzi Bunz was a true workhorse diaper and I couldn't agree more. I found out very early on that Connor could not be trusted with a velcro diaper overnight as it appears that in his sleep he becomes a diaper removing robot. I actually caught him in the act, totally asleep, removing his diaper and throwing it on the floor. Not that I think that velcro diapers are not incredibly useful, but every diaper stash should include a little of both as you will find that sometimes you just need a snap diaper.

The Fuzzi Bunz is a very basic pocket diaper, no frills, no frumf, an extra wide pocket opening and two rows of snaps to adjust both the waiste and leg measurements. The very first thing I noticed was that the Fuzzi Bunz inside layer is super super soft and the pocket opening is very wide which allows you to use virtually liner on the market or stack liners if you need extra coverage. It also makes removing the liner very easy when it comes to wash day. The sizing on the Fuzzi Bunz runs very true and they actually run a bit tall on the rise compared to some of the other brands which makes them one of my favorite overnight diapers as I can use the included liner plus add a extra liner on top for extra coverage and that taller rise is great especially for boys as at least in our case the first leakage point on any diapers for us is the top of the diaper over the night as Connor has this tendancy to pee strait up his diaper. The dissadvantage to this is they can look a bit bulky in the butt area. Personally the biggest thing I love about cloth diapers is cute diaper butts. heh.
Actually the only two things I have to say about these diapers other than I consider them a necessary staple in my nightime diaper stash is that the inside layer is made of a soft microfleece which is very comfortable on babies butt but it does pill slightly over several washings. This is a cosmetic issue and it does not affect the use but I would have loved to have kept the almost velvet quality that the diaper started with. The liner at the pocket opening is not velcro so if you don't pay attention it will poke out of the back of the diaper. The easiest fix for this is to make sure you fold it back into the pocket when you stuff the diaper and then do a quick butt check on the diaper when you put it on to make sure its not poking out, if it is just tuck it back in.

All Fuzzi Bunz diapers are made in the USA!

Pros :

  • Tons of room for any configuration of liners you want to use.
  • Snap diapers are hard to remove by renegade sleeping babies.
  • Super soft lining is easy on babies butt.
  • TONS of color choices and prints available often.
  • Available in a HUGE selection of sizes from XS for premies to XL and even petite toddlers so everyone is covered.
Cons :
  • The inside layer tinds to pill up after multipe washings which is more of a cosmetic thing than function thing. This is just one of the downsides to microfleece as its known for doing this.
  • Slightly more bulky than some of the other diapers we are reviewing this week.
Fuzzi Bunz are available for purchase online at Use code : FB005 to get 5% off your purchase till Oct 15th!


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