Monday, September 22, 2008

Its time to reveal my super secret project!

The entire time I was pregnant with Connor I had made a promise to myself that I would use cloth diapers, not only for the reason that it would have saved me an ungodly amount of money but for the big reason that I promised myself from the moment I found out that I was pregnant that I would do everything I could to move this family into a more green lifestyle.

The problem is I personally know anyone that uses cloth diapers, and though we did have a local store that actually sold a good selection of them, I had absolutely no clue where to start. The worst part is after visiting our local store that sold them I left more confused than I started. all in ones, all in twos, pocket diapers, one size, diaper covers, wet bags, sprayers.. it was all a bit overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact that it not only scared me to the point that I put the whole cloth diaper idea on hold but it also was one of the big fueling points that helped me start this blog. I can't help to think that I was not the only one that was overwhelmed with their baby purchases.

Well here we are over a year later and I finally got brave enough to broach the cloth diaper subject again. Over the last month we have had the opportunity to test some of the best cloth diapers out there and have spent countless hours talking, researching, and learning everything we can about cloth diapers to share with you guys. So enjoy the upcoming week and I hope I can break some cloth diaper myths for you guys too and maybe even convert a few of you as well as we couldn't be happier.

So lets get this party started. I will be doing daily diaper reviews as well as giving you guys some diaper hints throughout the week.

Just a little shopping list to get you started, depending on how often you plan on cloth diapering will depend on just how many diapers you may need. You should really plan on investing in at very least six diapers (for part time or night use) but ideally a good stash will include 12-24 diapers. Along with the diapers you should invest in at least two wet bags (or pail liners) and a diaper bag sized wet bag (that holds 1-2 diapers). You will also need some approved detergent for diaper washing and either some lavender or tea tree oil to deodorize the diapers as you should never use fabric softener on your diapers. It's recommended you invest in a diaper sprayer too if you don't want to get your hands dirty but thus far we have gone without one with pretty good success.

I will be providing some good reference links throughout the week as well as our experiences with cloth diapers so far. I will tell you right up front that sure issues do arise with cloth diapers on occasion but I've had as many with disposables just different ones. I can also tell you that we now use cloth diapers about 80% of the time. I do still keep a package of disposables on hand for when Connor goes to his grandparents or babysitter and when we are suffering from that awful teething diaper rash and I need to medicate his butt.

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FawnGeorge said...

My husband and I had decided on Diapers from Gaiam. They have cloth diapers with a insert that is thrown out. Then you use a wand to wash up as much as you can. Pretty cool. We have not got the chance to use them because I've had several miscarriages. We hope in the future we get to use them. Thanks for these alternative diapers. I'm going to bookmark them for the future. I just thought you might want to check out the Gaiam diapers.

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