Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Connor are you sitting on that frog?

I am a huge fan of clean looking children's products, or especially products that can have multiple uses. I've had my eye on the Silly Soft Seating available at One Stop Modern. Part plush friend, part stacking toy, part seating, part desk. We actually use Connor's at snack time the bottom part of the frog, aka Talus, becomes the seat and his head then becomes the table. All the while it doesn't look at all like one of those plastic kid tables and its light enough that Connor has no problems moving it around the room. I find it kind of funny as he will move the bottom half beside my computer and sit on it and watch me while I answer emails. He is just too stinking cute.

I could decorate my entire house at One Stop Modern however. I've been looking for a great mid height bookcase to use in my kitchen as the back door enters into the kitchen and it seems that the small table I have by the back door has become a catch all for school supplies, my purse, shoes, random things that come in the house but don't seem to have a proper home. The problem is it has to look great as well as my floor plan is fairly open and you can see it from almost every room. The Stagger Server over at One Stop Modern is not only gorgeous but it would function in the kitchen as well as provide me with enough room to store all of those random things that need a home with the help of some great looking bins no one would even notice. You can even order it with cupboards if you would prefer drawers over bins. I may just have to start a savings account to buy it!

Head on over to One Stop Modern and check out their great line of kid and baby products but while your over there take a look at the Silly Soft Seating its very affordable, the covers are machine washable, and it will totally grow with your child as depending on how you stack the pieces you can completely change the function.


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