Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I came across Bumwear when I was about two weeks into my diaper trials. I've found since our cloth diaper revolution that I absolutely love just leaving Connor in his diaper and putting a tshirt on him and forgetting the pants all together. I can't help myself there is just something contagious about that fluffy diaper butt and honestly those beautiful diapers are just too pretty to cover up unless you have to.

Bumwear is a diaper maker out of Singapore and they have their own take on the one size pocket diaper that we just love. I came across Bumwear while looking for new diapers made with patterns. The Bumwear One Size Pocket Diaper comes in the most adorable balki prints as well as two toned solids. Ihave hard time deciding which I love more but I have to admit the Menthol blue combo is pretty darn cute.

What is really unique about the Bumwear One Size is how the diaper adjusts. Most one size diapers use a series of snaps on the front of the diaper to adjust the rise of the diaper and thus adjusting the size, also most one size diapers have velcro inside of snaps to adjust the waist. The Bumwear uses snaps exclusively which actually makes it very durable. The other real benefit to the way the diaper adjusts is though most all in one diapers are the most bulky diaper option the Bumwear One Size eliminates alot of that bulk as the Bumwear adjusts in a very unique way. When your looking at the Bumwear in its largest setting it looks just like a normal tab front diaper, however, when you fold the front of the diaper down there is a whole other set of snaps on the inside of the front of the diaper. This allows you to fold the diaper down which then basicly halfs the diaper size allowing the diaper to go from newborn up with just a fold of the diaper.

One neat thing we should mention, elastic around the legs is very unusual and almost flairs out when the diaper is not in the smallest setting which gives the diaper a very adoarble almost triangle shape when worn. There is also three sepearte leg adjustments so even the skinniest babies will have a nice snug seal around the leg, which prevents leaks especially of that messy runny sort.

Pros :

  • Very unique folding adjustment which cuts down on the bulk.
  • Lots of cute prints and even more color options in solids!
  • Incredibly adjustable, will fit almost any baby from birth to potty training.
  • Both the inside and the outside of the pocket opening has elastic so no having to remember to tuck in the inside layer.
Cons :
  • Bumwear's website only shows prices in singapore dollars.
  • Using the diaper takes a bit of a learning curve, it might confuse daddies at first though once you have it its not hard.
  • Inside liner is made from microfleece which will show some pilling over time.
Bumwear's diapers are available directly on their website. I was a bit concerned that getting diapers from Singapore would take a long time but I was really surprised to find out that it actually took only a few days longer than getting them mailed from inside the US. Head on over to Bumwear to check them out.

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rebecca said...

I have never heard of this brand, but I want to give them a try. We have a few of the BumGenius one sizers, but I can already tell than in a few months we might have problems with those being removed in favor of bare booty freedom. We are probably fine for winter as there will be layers and layers of clothing going on, but come next summer...lets just say we wear lots of shirts + diaper or dresses and diaper and skip the annoying little hot pants.

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