Saturday, August 30, 2008

Unique ecofriendly gift ideas!

Have you guys been over to Well if you haven't and you just can't decide what to give someone for their birthday, or your just looking to buy something for yourself its a great way to search for just the perfect present including finding those awesome eco-friendly kid gear!

Basicly is a way to find items across a ton of diffrent sites. You don't actually purchase the items from but they point you in the right direction. If your anything like me you can spend hours and hours browsing through endless amounts of online catalogs just to find one really exceptional gift. Well now I just log onto to start my search and more times than not I can do all my searching on and purchase just the perfect gift.

Just browsing through their eco-friendly gift selection brings an awesome assortment of great eco-friendly items all in one place. We love to share our obsession with the eco-friendly and fabulous with friends and family but finding just that perfect eco gift to give is sometimes a challenge. Actually within seconds I found just the perfect stocking stuffer for Connor's Aunt Amber, a kitty shaped crank powered flashlight. I actually gave crank powered flashlights to all the boys in the family a few years ago but the girls were just not that interested as well um.. they were ugly. I'm sorry, I have to admit I'm guilty of this but if its just not cute its not worth using. heh. Ok maybe not all the time but I know if I had the choice of a pink flashlight and a plain silver or blue flashlight you better bet I'll be grabbing for the pink one. The same idea is true when it comes to the kitty flashlights over at!

I think many of us consider being "green" choosing energy saving items and recycled goods.. but have you even thought about recycled goods when it comes to your children's toys. No I'm not talking about used toys, but that is a start. I'm actually talking about toys made of recycled items. has a listing of recycled toys including a plush doll made from recycled fabric.

Check out the awesome selection of eco-gifts and while your over there just check out all the great catagories of gifts you can browse. is really a great one stop shop for planning that next gift!


Michele said...

I know my son, really liked flashlights, this kitty would have fit in perfect in his collection!

Anonymous said...

For more eco gadget gifts see , or type 'eco gadget' into amazon.

For gift ideas for absolutely anyone try GiftGen

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