Friday, August 29, 2008

Games that teach important skills!

Hasbro is a trusted name in most households when it comes to toys but not necessarily the name you think of when it comes to learning toys. I think we get so caught up in teaching our kids their ABCs and numbers that some of the most important skills are overlooked in the mad dash it seems that most parts are on to have their preschoolers reading by kindergarten.

Sure I think teaching your kids those skills is Nobel and worth wild, but do I think that Connor's ability to recognize every letter and number by his first day of kindergarten is important? Nah. If he does.. fabulous, if not he has time after is that not why we go to school?

Being an above average kid in school myself reading, writing, numbers, and memorization was never an issue, thought its slowly becoming more of an issue in college up till recently I never spent more than five minutes studying for a test or ever stressed out over a paper. Not that I'm bragging but school itself came so easy to me, other than math, it was the social aspects of being around other children that really threw me for a loop. Listening skills were a huge problem, and still are as I tend to tune anything out that is not directly engaging within moments and I apologize for that in advance if anyone ever gets to meet me in person. I actually remember an early English teacher raving on how I would be "brilliant" if I was not such a space cadet.

Noodleboro games from Hasbro thought of children just like my younger self when they designed their new unique series of board games. From sharing, to listening, to manners I can't help to wonder if these games would have made some difference for me at least in the listening department. Possibly my math skills would not be so dreadful if I was able to keep half the concentration as the other kids on what the teacher was saying in those early classes.

We received a Noodleboro Learning to Share Fun Park Game and wow its actually fun for adults as well as kids! The game is really quite complex but not so much that young kids will not understand. Really designed for ages 4+ it combines four "rides" and activities with a board game that promotes the players to share the tokens they earn from completing rides successfully. If you get a token that you have duplicates of you can give your extra toke to another player to earn a shining star. That shining star then goes onto the playing board and the point of the game is to try to collect enough shining stars before the park closes. I can't say so much that there is a "winner" everyone wins if the game is completed in time.

The most interesting part about this board game is that it comes with a reading book and a music cd. The book and CD are not required for the game but they sort of add on to the fun as the book is about the Noodleboro game and their own experiences with sharing as well as a fun soundtrack that you can either listen to as you play or just enjoy on the go. It really integrates the skills learned at playing the game into everyday life.

Personally if Connor is anything like myself I think I need to invest early in the "listening game" Noodleboro Learning to Listen which teaches children to listen so that they can build the pizza. Pizza and games.. seriously what a better combo!

Visit Noodleboro's website to learn more and you can check out Noodleboro Share Fun Park Game on Amazon!

Thanks Mom Central for telling us about Noodleboro!

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Anonymous said...

I have the same tuning out problem and loved playing these games with my little cousins. Incorporating learning social skills into games is a great idea and I think something even adults can learn from sometimes ;)

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