Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lets go Camping... in the living room!

Living in the deep south has its ups and downs.. The upside is that the winters are a joke, seriously I never make it past a hoodie in my winter wardrobe after living in IL. The downside.. bugs.. I mean.. seriously TONS OF BUGS.. I honestly forgot just how many bugs there are here.. sand fleas, giant cockroaches, fire ants, ticks, you name it we have it. Don't even get me started with the insane heat its been over 90 degrees for weeks.
I had considered investing in a nice playhouse for Connor this year but I'll be quite frank with you even with our mini pool outside we haven't spent much time outside due to the glaring heat and the fire ants. Needless to say I am rethinking our playhouse at least until fall. Yeh I'll be that crazy mom in January sitting outside on a lawn chair watching Connor play. So in the meantime I was at a lost as to what we should do about the playhouse idea and a little trip to Schylling website solved our problem head on.

Schylling makes the most fabulous classic styled toys so I was a bit surprised when I saw their fabulous collection of pop up play tents. Nothing is better than a pop up play tent on a hot or rainy day when the kids won't leave you alone. heh. Seriously some of my best memories growing up were with my many sheet inspired play tents, but the problem with sheets is well you have to wash them when the kids are done playing, they are alway falling down, and well its just hard to clean up. Usually the kits get tired of playing and your left with the mess. My Schylling play tent combo is way cooler than any sheet forts and the setup/cleanup time is just a few minutes.

I mean seriously whats cooler than a set of two play tents with a connecting tunnel? The best part is though is you can use your play tent with one or all of the pieces at once. I usually leave out the largest tent in the corner of the room for Connor all the time but on very special events or playgroups we can bust out the other two pieces (the tunnel and the second tent) and make an entire kiddo tent fort. Once your done just remove the support bars in the bottom of the tents and twist and fold. Tada cleanup is a snap!

You can buy your own Schylling Combo Tent set directly from Schylling. You can also check out their other pop up tents here, many of which can be added on to your combo set to make an entire tent city.

If anyone is feeling a little homesick for the south and would like to buy their own Sand Fleas as a memento, Melos has some for sale for just $.05 per dozen. *sigh*


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