Saturday, August 30, 2008

My eye condition for those of you that asked.

I've had a lot of emails lately about people wanting to know about my current eye condition. If you have been paying any attention to my increased number of misspelled words you would realize that Its still not great but honestly I couldn't have better news for you.

I'm several months into the progression of my eye condition and to be quite frank by now most people would have had several more laser treatments, and at least two more injections all the while still loosing vision. Remember the longer that thing bleeds in my eye the more vision I loose and every time you have to laser one of those nasty vessels out of the eye again.. irreversible damage. What damage that was done by the initial bleeding is indeed irreversible but thus far *knock on wood* we have had no new bleeding which its quite amazing. My doctor always seems a bit shocked every time he looks in my eyes and nothing is happening. I guess that's really quite rare so its really a blessing that its still dry. If I am lucky enough to make it 9 months with no new bleeding it will be considered "inactive" mind you there is no cure and there is no promise it wont restart anytime in my life or happen in the other eye, but I can at least stop visiting my doctor twice a month and move it up to every six months or a year. Not that I don't think he is a swell guy but this little "eye condition" has become very very expensive.

But the good news is though my right eye (the affected eye) did loose quite a bit of vision including a good deal of my peripheral vision, and I suffer from double vision and focusing issues in that eye, if I really really concentrate (ok when I say concentrate I mean stare blankly at something for a good five minutes) I can see 20/20 (not crisply but it can be done) again out of that eye. Heh. Well that is when the eye decides to work with me. For the most part though its just easier to close the right eye and read with my left eye when working with books or schoolwork. So if you just happen to be reading this and see me at school, if Im "winking" at you its not that I'm winking at all I just am trying to see what I'm doing.

Again, I'm sorry about the slow update, but with whats going on with my cousin Chandler my eye issue just seemed a bit low on the priorities list. I'll update you guys on Chandler soon and our quest for a trumpet.

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Superdumb Supervillain said...

I'm glad to hear it's not worsening. I hope it stays the way it is and that you are able to regain your vision.

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