Sunday, August 31, 2008

Diaper Rash troubles!

I've mentioned a thousand times the trouble I have had with Connor and his butt. It seems if that kid gets hot, sweats, has a funny fart, or just doesn't agree with his diaper, we get an awful rash. So bad in fact that its not uncommon for his butt to bleed at diaper changes. It always makes me feel as if I'm doing something wrong and at times I feel terribly guilty about it even though I know I am not doing anything wrong and the kid just is especially sensitive which sadly he did get from me. If it wasn't for the fact that I too can get a rash if I get too hot or sweaty I would swear something is wrong with him.

Though with that said some of his rash problems are due to an occurring yeast infection that he seems to get on occasion. The problem with that is his doctor keeps prescribing us a steroid cream and quite frankly I hate to use steroids unless absolutely possible. Up till recently I never knew there was an alternative so I've been giving into the steroid creams when his rash gets exceptionally bad. Not anymore. Next time we go to the doctor we are getting a prescription for Vusion!

Vusion is a non steroid, anti fungal, prescription only diaper rash cream that is safe for infants as young as four weeks old and again it contains NO steroids. Awesome! We actually have an appointment in just a few weeks and I am going to ask our pediatrician then about it and see if we can get our regular steroid cream switched out for Vusion. I'm pretty excited as It will be a happy day when I can ditch that steroid cream for good.

Thanks MomCentral for letting us know about Vusion. You can read more about Vusion for yourself at their website! There is also a rebate for your first tube of Vusion too!

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FawnGeorge said...

Thanks for the info on Vusion. I too get rashes. Mine occur under my breast. They happen often. For some reason they have gone away for the summer, but I expect them to come back soon. I have tried several things. I have tried any steroid cream. I would not do that. I'm glad their is something out their that I can try. My husband has mentioned it to a few people that does care for the elderly that get rashes and they mentioned diaper rash cream.
I'm going to asked my doctor next time about Vusion. Thanks again.

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