Friday, August 29, 2008

This is just plain not fair. I want one.

Our good friend Lisa sent us this about Kidtropolis, and after checking out their absolutely stunning kids furniture designs I've decided if I win the lottery I am having them build Connor a pirate ship bed.

If you're one of those parents who not only likes to, but can afford to spoil your kid rotten, then you've got to check out the incredible children’s bedroom d├ęcor created by Kidtropolis. This uber-talented group of designers is the favorite of Hollywood stars, corporate CEOs and international royal families because their jaw-dropping themes are literally where dreams not only become reality but stay real while a child grows up.

Trust us when we say that the ultimate dream weaver himself, Walt Disney, would have hired Kidtropolis to design rooms for his own children. Want your little princess to dream about ruling the realm in a royal carriage? A REAL castle? Well, one customer did and here’s what Kidtropolis came up with:

Another family hired Kidtropolis to give their young “Wyatt Earp” a way to sleep in the OK Corral every night. Here’s what they got, pardner (no spurs in the stagecoach, please!):

Another family, inspired by their child’s love of Mother Goose, wanted their little one to live in the shoe with Old Mother Hubbard... well, you get the idea:

And their latest creation is like a page out of the Swiss Family Robinson, with a few modern updates:

Okay, so maybe you’d prefer to send your kids to college rather than let them sleep in a fairy tale world. Who could blame you? But browsing the website is still a ride worth taking… and a lot less expensive than four plane tickets to “The Magic Kingdom.”

Oh, the things that you'll see, the places you'll soar, you'll look at your child's room the same nevermore. The company's not-to-be-believed creative designs and custom-built doors, beds and themed rooms transform a child’s room into a truly unique, personal and functional space.

For information, visit For detailed examples of their work or work in progress, click on their website blog.


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